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The afflictions as a form of moral progress

By the Young Spiritist Team

The Gospel shows us that life's difficulties come from two different sources: the present and the previous life.

The first source, the present life, is related to the present misconduct of the excesses caused by vanity, pride and selfishness. However, these evils caused by the present life can also be avoided in the present tense, is the primary pursuit of moral improvement involved in the teachings of Christ.

Related to past causes, the falls of past lives are seen as a source of present afflictions that should be seen not only as difficulties but as opportunities for moral progress and teachings for the future.

For both causes of distress, we must let the “veil of forgetfulness” act, remember only the points that serve moral progress, and regard evils as teachings that will prevent future downfalls, utilize faith, and seize opportunities to redress the consequences. of the evils practiced. In this way we will use the good as medicine for the soul.

Let us remember, therefore: “It is said that the great sufferer has much to expiate and rejoice at being healed soon; it is up to him, through his resignation, to make this suffering profitable [...] ”. (ESE - Chapter V)
Young Spiritist Team
- The Genesis - Chapter III (Good and Evil)

Image by Marc-Olivier Jodoin
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