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About Us

Maria Claudia Martins Spiritual Health Centre emerged out of a pursuit to help and support the community. We are a Spiritist Organization associated with the Northeast Spiritual Hospitals of Brazil. It will function as an annex to the Maria Claudia Martins Spiritual Hospital located in Brazil, which is the Central Nucleus for guidance, supervision and establishment of operational guidelines for all spiritually interconnected Spiritual Hospitals.

We provide the study, practice and dissemination of the Spiritism Doctrine with Religion, Philosophy and Science principles, along the lines of the Allan Kardec Codification. 


Among the main activities, a weekly spiritual health study will be provided to the members, aiming at establishing the foundational knowledge to perform in the area of ​​social assistance to health, cultural and the practice of charity as a social duty and principle of Christian morality, and as a full exercise of solidarity and respect for others.


Other activities such as a friendly chat to anyone who attend our meetings, should they be seeking spiritual support will also be provided after our studies. 


We also provide public meetings which include Therapeutic Talks. The talks explore the Scientific, Philosophical and Moral principles of Spiritism. They are aimed at providing comfort & inspiration for spiritual awakening and self-enlightenment.

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