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Heaven and Hell in Spiritist Vision

Young Spiritists in Spiritist Activities

Heaven and Hell in Spiritual Vision
From childhood, the image of heaven and hell have been placed in the construction of social being, so that heaven is a place of peace and harmony, and hell a place of pain, anguish and suffering. In this sense, for many years this is the scenario presented by various religions, in which dogma of '' eternity '' was defined in both joy and punishment, thus creating an adverse image of God's love and justice for their children.

However, Allan Kardec, under the instruction of the Superior Spirits, demystified this idea and portrayed in the book Heaven and Hell or Divine Justice According to Spiritism, published in 1865, that these places are states of consciousness of the spirit, that is, that "heaven" or "hell" begins within each of us as we express balance or disturbance, sadness or joy, peace or remorse for wrongdoing.

Importantly, God causes no suffering to anyone. The cause of our suffering is because of the harm we have done to our brethren in this or a previous life, for God, with His infinite love, has granted us free will. Therefore, everyone is responsible for the path they choose.

Jesus told us, “None of the sheep My Father has entrusted to me will be lost” and “No one will enter the kingdom of heaven unless he is born again,” that is, he provides reincarnation as a way of paying debts and correcting moral failures committed in the past.

The spirits have come to enlighten everyone about the importance of a positive vibratory state, and moral conduct based on the teachings of Christ, for it will be this conduct that, through our conscience, will lead us to disturbance or eternal peace.

Peace to all!
Young Spiritists in Spiritist Activities.

Heaven and Hell: Chapters III and IV.
Spirits' Book: Chapter IX.

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